Other services include:
Re-Education: Howard can take on your horse or pony to assist the owner with any problems or issues that maybe occurring.
Spelling: Short or long term stay available.

Existing Clients: Anne Payne, Briony Payne, Natalie & Rochelle O’Connor, Sandy Morphett, Peter Barry and Nina Clarke

When you leave your horse or pony at Arundel Hill to be started, Howard personally covers all aspects of the training program from beginning to end, which includes as required: lunging, long reining, bridling and saddling, tying up, float training, rugging etc.  Horses are started in the round yard before moving into the arena to further their training.

All horses are educated to be soft in the mouth, responsive to the leg and to travel forward into the contact.

Howard will ride your horse alone and in company along quiet roads but where there is also exposure to some traffic, dogs, kangaroos, bikes etc.

This training program takes approximately six weeks.  Howard has all owners ride their horse or pony before they are sent home to ensure both the owner and himself are 100% happy with the result.

Contact: Howard Jenkins
Mobile: 0419 561 473
Telephone: 5967 4563